How to Handle Two Exes At War

When the war of the exes turns into a physical altercation, men will be men. Or better yet, boys will be boys. Knowing you shared the same girl and have rivaling careers will be a testosterone-charged battle of the egos. Who was better? Who will eventually be the best?

In Drake’s defense, the emotional burden of knowing you couldn’t get the girl you were willing to “take care” of can evolve from a lament on wax into a physical transgression, which probably prompted the alleged hurling of the bottle. While Brown was stamped the aggressor from his past mistakes, this brawl was the perfect opportunity to play the victim: Let me show the world that I bleed human too. And although his girlfriend was caught in the crossfire, her role isn’t pivotal. She has no hand in the history that doesn’t involve her.

When you’re the unspoken reason why two alpha males are going head-to-head, it would be best to remove yourself from the situation. You’re still coming to terms with your past while the ex-men have yet to cope with it themselves. There are still lingering feelings of resentment and hurt, but guys will resort to physical tactics in order to prove to themselves and each other that they got this.

Even if you’re the common denominator in the war of exes, understand that it’s a battle they have to fight on their own. The prize is not winning your heart, but finding a way to be at peace with theirs.