Is There Ever a Good Reason to Be Conceited?

Rapper Remy Ma came out with a song in 2006 where she proclaimed that she was conceited and had a reason. It quickly became a major hit in the music world and a mantra that many women were quick to adopt. However, is there every really a good reason to be conceited?

Let’s look at this from both sides:

One could argue that, yes, there is a good reason. Being that they’ve worked their butts off to achieve a certain level of success warrants a few self-praising moments. In this aspect, I believe that the right word to use is “confident,” not “conceited.” Yes, you went to school, got your degree, got a banging job or started your own successful business. You beat the odds and attained a level of accomplishment that not many people reach. However, all of this should add to your confidence, not cause you to be someone who constantly flaunts your success in the face of others. For one, it can be a major turn-off to your friends, family and potential mate. Let your work speak for you. You never know what others are struggling with, so this kind of behavior can be deemed insensitive. No, we shouldn’t go about life always thinking about how others will view us, but at the end of the day, acting like you are above everyone else can do more harm than good. You can hinder your chances for new opportunities or meeting a great guy because people will not want to be around you. They won’t want to deal with your inflated ego.

Then, there are some who are conceited due to their appearance…

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