Jack Davey: The Underground Queen of Rock

Now do you feel like you’ve completely crossed over into your own maturity and being content? Do you feel like you’ve crossed over into all of that?
Definitely. I definitely feel more settled and more confident and definitely more together. I feel more real. It’s the confidence that provides a safe haven where I can do and try anything. I have this overwhelming confidence to try anything.

Would you be in a happier place if your music was on the radio every second or if you were collaborating with this person or that person?
No. I mean, of course as an artist you always want exposure and you want everyone to enjoy what you do, but for now it’s not the end of the world for me. I was chasing that so much that I wasn’t appreciating all the things that I was able to do outside of that. And I’ve done so much and created trends. I’ve gotten to do my art the way that I wanted to do with no compromise, and that’s so important because with that mainstream success comes a lot of compromise. Once one song hits it big then you have to keep creating songs like that and you kinda throw yourself in a box. I had to take everything and really understand the importance of my journey, and for me, I had to realize the most important thing is longevity. I wanna be able to tour, record and put out music from now until I’m off the planet. Having that to me is much better than having one hit song on the radio for a couple of weeks then nothing.

Do you think that people are beginning to crowd your lane sonically?
I’ll always stand apart. I mean there’s enough room for everybody to be in the same lane. I never take any ownership. I try not to take any ownership in anything, but when Brooke and I first started making music and this type of music especially, there weren’t a lot of people making music that sounded like that. That was a difficult place to be in because we got a lot of bad reviews and people weren’t open to listening to us. At least now people are willing to pay attention and are willing to understand what they’re listening to and get into it. so I think that it’s great that it’s becoming popular. I’m happy to have been at the forefront of it.