Jack Davey: The Underground Queen of Rock

Also, you’re at the forefront of one of the coolest Instagram profiles! Tell us, what do you think is Instagram-worthy?
I think whatever you see that inspires you is Instagram-worthy. I do get annoyed with the people who feel the need to just Instagram a whole bunch of photos of themselves all day. Like we get it, you’re sexy and you don’t have to say it. Thank you for flooding my timeline with your sexy face. I like it when people just catch like true moments and things that are inspiring, just things that they see. I think when you’re not paying attention, you catch some of the most amazing moments. When you kinda turn your mind off and just look around then you start to see things that you looked at but never really seen, I think that’s Instagram worthy.

While we’re listening to New Designer Drug, let us know: what’s next for you and J*Davey?
As far as music, I have so many projects. I just wrapped recording on a new J*Davey EP, then we’re going into the studio to record a new record. We start that in June and we’ll do recording through the summer, but I also have another project, a Jack Davey project. Then, I have a third project that I’m working on with another producer, who shall remain nameless for now. And it’s like all of the three projects, the J*Davey Project, the Jack Davey Project and the third project all sound completely different from each other, so I’m confusing myself. It’s all really interesting music and I’m excited about it. But beyond that, I launched a clothing line a couple of years ago so I’m still working on relaunching, and I have a new design partner that I’m working with and new designs.

And what’s that line called?
It’s called Lady Tripper. Looking to relaunch that at the top of the new year because you know fashion is a passion of mine but I’m not a fashion designer. So I threw myself into that world and tried to learn as much as I could about it and it takes time so I don’t want to rush it and give it the time that it deserves. Music right now has all of my time. I actually just shot my first video for J*Davey and it’s going into post-production, so that’ll be out in June.

I got a lot of work to do this year but I want to find some time to travel with my son without work being involved. I wanna be able to take some time out to travel with him and really enjoy it and not have to split my time between work and leisure, so really just finding the balance right now is really most important to me.

Photo Credit: Kwesi Abbensetts