Vixen Chat: Jackie Paul Talks Online Boutique ‘PURE Addiction’ and ‘Basketball Wives’

What is your opinion on Vh1’s Basketball Wives and would you ever consider joining the cast?
I try to catch the show whenever I have time. I am actually really good friends with Shaunie [O’Neal], and she asked me if I wanted to be apart of the cast. But with me being pretty much stationary in Colorado, I wasn’t able to join. However, I did tell Shaunie if I were ever in town while the show was filming, I could make a cameo. I do feel that a lot of the drama on the show is the women naturally reacting to certain situations, and because it’s reality TV, the camera catches everything. It’s hard to take back a natural reaction.

Would you ever consider adding cosmetics to PUREAddiction? For example, Jennifer William’s Lucid lip gloss or Evelyn’s makeup line?
That could be a possibility in the future. I know that Teresa is working closely with Evelyn on a potential dress line that could be featured on the site once it launches. is a great source for finding the latest in trends, for clothes and accessories. They exclusively carry Ha’Ny bracelets–handmade, one- of-a-kind pieces–that were worn by Evelyn Lozada on an episode of Basketball Wives. is offering a 15% off discount for VIBE Vixen readers until June 15th, just type in VibeVix15