Karma? Ex-Basketball Wife Officially Says Good-bye to Her Bentley

has endured more than enough public humiliation since she joined the cast of the hit show, Basketball Wives. We’ve seen her marriage in shambles, her friendships end bitterly (sometimes violently), she was fired from the show…And now she’s losing her vehicle.

Eric Williams, Jen’s soon-to-be ex husband, reportedly stopped paying the car note on the 2006 Bentley that Jennifer has, resulting in $90,000 in debt and the car being officially repossessed.

Just a few months ago, we witnessed Jennifer antagonize her former friend Nia Crooks, for “not having sh-t”. This low blow was thrown after a heated argument between the two, which resulted in Nia slapping Jennifer across the face. Legal action was taken against Nia, but maybe Jennifer should focus more on this current situation. –Jazmine Henley-Brown

Do you feel sorry for Jennifer, or is she getting what she deserved?