Is the Repo Man After Jennifer Williams’ Bentley?

It’s hard to ball when you’re a basketball wife, especially if you’re Jennifer Williams going through a divorce and about to get your ride repossessed.

According to TMZ, a lawsuit was filed by the Toyota Motor Credit Corporation against the reality star for failing to put the down payments on her 2006 white Bentley that she purchased in 2009. While they tried to reclaim the vehicle peacefully, Williams has been swerving around the authorities.

To make matters worse, the TMCC is requesting that Williams pay the full balance of the car totaling $92,310. However, Jen’s rep says that she hasn’t been delivered any papers and that it may be a blip in the separation process from her husband Eric: “Jennifer hasn’t been served documents in reference to this lawsuit. Anything related to community property acquired during the marriage, such as the car, is an issue that is currently being addressed in her divorce proceedings.”

But no need to fret, Williams makes her monies as a flourishing real estate agent, owner of Flirty Girl Fitness company and makeup brand Lucid. Ain’t nothing but a G thing.