Is Joseline of ‘Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’ a Proud Side Chick?

The first episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has caused much controversy in the Twitter world. Aspiring rapper Joseline Hernandez praised her role as Stevie J’s side chick with several tweets during and following the show. She wants all of Stevie J and the relationship is more than just sex, she says. “He’s f-cking my brains,” explains Joseline.

In an exclusive interview with VH1, Joseline says her goal is to teach young girls how to make it without doing the things she had to do. “I wanted to show the girls that they needed to love themselves more and know they could do something with their life.”

After a barrage of slander spewed her way, especially about her looking very masculine, she posted a naked pic, which she believed would negate rumors of her being transgender. The pics have been deleted.

The saddest part? Joseline is flaunting her relationship with Stevie J on Twitter while Mimi Faust, his other girlfriend and baby mother, is being humiliated.

We’re staying tuned in to see how this plays out!

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