Justin Bieber Passes Out After Slamming Into Glass Wall

During a performance on what he calls, “the tallest building in Paris” yesterday evening, Justin Bieber had a run in with a glass wall while taking a break in between songs. Instead of reaching for the railing as he intended to do, he slammed into the glass wall. According to a post interview of the ordeal with TMZ, he felt light-headed at first but continued to perform the remainder of the concert.

However, after the performance, the pop star passed out on the stairs on the way to his dressing room. He was unresponsive for fifteen seconds, but managed to get back up. Doctors later confirmed he had a concussion, but is expected to recover. Biebs told TMZ he experienced a headache directly after, but feels fine now.

This isn’t the first time the singer’s skull has met with glass fixtures. Head over to TMZ to check out the entire phone interview, plus a video of Justin Bieber’s past run in with a revolving door.