Justin Bieber Says “Die In Your Arms” Was Inspired By Michael Jackson

Anyone who’s listened to snippets of Justin Bieber’s “Believe” album knows that it isn’t the teeny bopper pop that put him on the map.

After opening with a performance of “Die In Your Arms” for MTV’s ‘Bieber Live” special Tuesday night, the 18-year-old singer revealed that the Jackson 5-sampled ditty that he collaborated on with hit producer Rodney Jerkins, was inspired by the King of Pop himself.

“Before I got in the booth, [Rodney] showed me this hour-long video of Michael [Jackson] footage, never been seen before. It’s Michael’s personality, him in the booth dancing. It’s some really special stuff,” Bieber told MTV News. “So me seeing that, going in there and being inspired and working with Rodney, who worked with Michael — it was incredible.”

The Canadian crooner also said he found a fan in The Roots’ drummer ?uestlove, who tweeted his praise: “Dear hip hop, why are @justinbieber’s drums on ‘right here’ more crispier & cleaner & louder and better than 96% of what was made in 2012?” “Right Here” refers to the smooth duet the Biebs did with fellow Northerner Drake.

“To hear that from ?uest, he’s a legend. I think it’s great,” Bieber said. “I basically focused on this album for everything to be perfect. To work with these producers that can give me that urban sound but also make it me, that’s what we did. I got to work with amazing artists like Drake and I don’t know if [the world’s]ready for it.”