Vixen Chat: K. Michelle of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’

VIXEN: Everyone’s excited to tune into this new season of Love & Hip-Hop now that it’s in the ATL. How is the show gonna be different from New York this time around?
Different storylines. There are a lot of different things these women are going through. I can honestly say this show is amazing as far as the women. They have opened up, haven’t held back anything and some of the storylines haven’t taken place on TV before.

We’ve seen the struggles of a singer in terms of Olivia and Teairra Mari. What about your story specifically is gonna separate you from them?
I’m not fighting to get a record deal. We’re at different points in our careers. The point in my career now: do I even want a record deal? I fought out of a record deal, and I haven’t even been out of my deal for a year yet. Now, I’m trying to decide on how I want to put out music and is it time for me to put out music.

When you were first approached about doing this show, what was your initial reaction?
I knew that I wanted to do the show from New York, because when I saw it, it was about the struggles of women and what they were going though.

Are we gonna see you involved in catfights on the show or are you gonna play a mediator of sorts?
You have to stay tuned, but my role in the show is just kinda my story about being a single mother and a singer who’s just going through the day-to-days of trying to get my career back on track and finding love again. For so long, I’ve been kinda against [finding love] because my past situation was so bad. So, you definitely get the real K. Michelle and where I’m at in my life.

Are you concerned about him seeing you on the show?
That’s always a huge concern for me. My biggest concern is not putting him on camera because I didn’t want people to see him. Me and my son have a great relationship; I can speak with him and say, ‘Mom wasn’t supposed to do that.’ I don’t want to take away that privacy away from him.

You’re trying to get your career back up as an R&B singer but do you think being on reality TV is gonna take away from your music?