Vixen Chat: K. Michelle of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’

VV: You’re trying to get your career back up as an R&B singer, but do you think being on reality TV is gonna take away from your music?
KM: It just depends on how you do things and what your focus is within the show. My main focus has been my music and it’s not gonna stop. I was signed to a record label, and I hardly got any promo. I can see today that more people are picking up old music like it’s new. I think it’s gonna help me and people get to know who I am and it’s up to me to make sure that the music sticks. One thing R. Kelly told me is that once you get the attention, you have to keep it with the talent.

Have you told R. Kelly that you’re gonna be on the show?
He’s gonna be in Atlanta, so I’m gonna tell him face-to-face. I don’t think he’s gonna have too much of a concern about it besides the music being right.

Now for the love aspect of the show, are we gonna see you going on dates and looking for a potential partner?
I am dating right now. I am trying to put down my baggage and just really give men a fair chance.

So you’re having fun more than trying to find Mr. Right?
I do want to find Mr. Right, but I feel like I need to heal a little bit more. I’m happy with me but I got to focus on healing for me in terms of my perception of me and my perception of love. If Mr. Right comes, I would be so happy, but right now I’m just trying to live carefree and feel things out.

What are the qualities you look for in an ideal mate?
Big arms, God-fearing, someone that my son can grow up like. That’s a very big thing for me in dating. And just someone that can make me laugh. I’m a handful, so someone who just knows how to let me be me.

As far as music goes, was For Colored Girls your latest project?
That was my last mixtape that I released and I have a new one coming out July 9. It’s called “0 F**ks Given.” I’m real in your face, I’m real upfront and, as far as people’s opinions of me, I don’t care. My opinion and my self-esteem for me is where it needs to be, so I felt like this title was very appropriate in the sense that people like to judge you for doing reality shows and for different things. You’ll hear some music from the project through the show.

It’s great that you’re so comfortable with yourself. Where do you think that attitude comes from?
I think it comes from me being tired of always having to prove myself. A lot of bad press was put out about me through my last situation. I started to look at media through a different light. The media has to do whatever they have to do to get a story. They never really care how it affects you or your family or your life. At this point, they’re gonna say something about me, but the only thing I really care about is being happy with myself and knowing I was myself on this show. Even in life at this point, K needs to be happy with K.

The new season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ premieres June 18, at 8PM EST on VH1.