K. Michelle vs. Memphitz Continues: Physical Abuse Allegations

There’s he said, she said, and then there’s the truth. Last week on the premiere of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Atlanta R&B singer K. Michelle revealed that her ex, who worked at Jive Records and helped her get signed to the label, eventually beat her up and took all of her advance money. The day after the premiere she confirmed in an interview that she was talking about former Jive Executive Memphitz, who is now married to Toya, Lil Wayne’s ex wife. That was her side of the story. After Memphitz, who was celebrating his 1-year anniversary with his wife, heard about all that was said, he posted the “I Made You” comment on instagram.

His side of the story is completely opposite to her side. Memphitz went on IPower’s 92.1 to clear up the alleged rumors from her story. He explains that she didn’t know how to act around record executives and she embarrassed him multiple times in front of people whom he built professional relationships with.

K. Michelle claims the abuse started when started cursing in a business setting while he was listening to another female artist they wanted him to take interest in. She was taken back to the hotel so he could finish the meeting in a professional manner. When he returned to the room he ended it all because he was tired of her embarrassing him and that was when the fighting ensued. In his words, it was the first time he saw the “Tasmanian Devil”. He says he never hit her but she continued to hit him and when he went to restrain her she began to yell and scream. He does state that he put his hand over her mouth to stop her from yelling so loud. The police were involved and in front of the police he said ‘I have never been in the same room with a female and the police at the same time, and this will be my last. I don’t get down like that’. He also says she was abused before but not by him.

He explained and apologizing to anyone who was offended by his “I Made You” comment on instagram. He said he put that because although she has the voice he was the one who got her the record deal. But he never took any money beside what was owed to him towards running his label. He also clears up that she wasn’t given a $2 million dollar deal, only $500,000 and that he no longer worked at Jive because of situations like this.

Furthermore, his name wasn’t mentioned in the show, because Memphitz lawyers informed executive producer, Mona Scott Young that they could not mention his name unless K. Michelle could prove he abused her or they would sue.

We heard, his side and her side, but which one is the truth?