Kangol Kid of U.T.F.O. Becomes First Rap Artist to be Honored by the American Cancer Society


Rap legend Kangol Kid of the mid 80’s music group U.T.F.O. recently became the first Hip-Hop artist to receive an honor by the American Cancer Society. His efforts in raising money and awareness for breast cancer through his Mama Luke Foundation has been capturing the hearts of many worldwide.

Hosted by TLC’s Stacy London and comedian Chuck Nice, supporters gathered at the American Cancer Society’s 2012 Pink and Black Tie Gala in Brooklyn, New York at Steiner Studios Stage 6 to acknowledge and celebrate this two year movement which began after Kangol’s friend/mother-like figure Gay Frances Lucas (“Mama Luke”) lost her three year battle with breast cancer. Mama Luke’s daughter Shaunda Lumpkin (co-founder of the Mama Luke Foundation) is Kangol’s Business Manager/BFF and together they have rallied Hip-Hop artists to join their fight as they walked, bought awareness and raised funds across the country.

On hand at the Pink and Black Tie Gala to present Kangol Kid with his award and perform were brothers Bowlegged Lou and Paul Anthony of super producing team Full Force. The event also featured Beyonce/Prince’s DJ Diamond who provided the music, as well as a surprise performance of “Rapper’s Delight” by Wonder Mike and Master Gee of the Sugar Hill Gang.

An important part of the Mama Luke Foundation’s fundraising and awareness efforts is a pink t-shirt which has been signed by over 200 Hip-Hop greats including: Will Smith, L.L. Cool J, Kid Rock, Ice-T, Lauryn Hill, Flava Flav, Missy Elliot…and more. The shirt has become symbol of the Mama Luke Foundation’s fight against breast cancer and is now referred to as the “Weapon Against Breast Cancer” (WABC). The shirt will be auctioned in the future with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.