Karrine Steffans Speaks on Lil Wayne and Possible TV Show

On if she tweeted about being pregnant by Lil Wayne:
“Wait! What!? I’ve never tweeted that. Get the f**k out of here. Who said that? That’s impossible. Me and Wayne don’t have a sexual relationship. We haven’t had once since before my first husband. I’m one of the few women who hasn’t been pregnant by Wayne. YOOOOO! That’s so super off! It’s important for people to understand that I’m not going to tweet about my life every 5 seconds. I’ll tweet erotic s**t and random randomness but not everything I tweet about is about me. It’s only the internet. I live above the influence- not even a possibility!”

On if Lil Wayne gets upset about her tweeting about him:
“No, but we did have a conversation the other day about something he heard about, that didn’t actually happen. It ended well. He was having an emotional moment, God bless his soul. I told him, I’m not a fan, I’m your friend and he said something that didn’t make sense but he apologized.”

On how her husband feels about her tweets:
“My husband is very new, he is very green. When I did my first tweet, everyone thought I was talking about my husband and some bullshit blog put all these tweets together and said I wrote a letter to my husband. Why would I do that on twitter? This is crazy! You’re an idiot!

On rumors that she’s working on a TV show with Fox:
“The president of the studio wanted me to write a show. We’ve been friends for 11-12 years now. I’m consistently turning down the president of a major studio. I don’t want to write a show because I feared that, it’s something I’ve never done. Finally, he showed me how to write a show and we started. He optioned the Vixen Manual then I wrote the script for that pilot which I just got finished after 2 years. I went through 10-12 drafts. Everyone in the studio has to agree and like everything. It took 2 years and 10 versions before it was ready to go out. Were deciding on the network currently for the Vixen Manual Show and I’m [going to] keep the title to myself, for now.

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