Kelly Rowland Films ‘Summer Dreaming’ [VIDEO]


Kelly Rowland hit Barcelona and partnered with Bacardi to remake Kate Yanai’s hit “Summer Dreaming” for their 150th anniversary.

“The story is all about the celebration,” Rowland explains. “It’s almost like you’re seeing my dream coming to life right before your eyes and I wake up like ‘Oh, I’m really dreaming.'”

She continues: “You think about dreaming, you think about summer, you think about colors, you think about fabrics that blow in the wind and shorts and hot pants which every body is wearing right now. It just makes you feel cool, sexy, and fly.”

In a behind-the-scenes clip, Rowland discusses the hip, urban feel of her new album, which should be completed within the next month. “It’s really cool because you have some urban producers who are trying out different things and I really love that sound that they’re going for because they’re marrying this dance sound and they’re marrying these really gutter urban beats. I love that sound. It’s really fresh.”

Rowland will be in Berlin on July 8 to celebrate Bacardi’s 150th anniversary.