Vixen Chat: Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Talks ‘Kendra on Top’, Weight Loss and Love Candy

VIBE VIXEN: How do you feel about your show being on a new network?
KENDRA WILKINSON: I feel awesome! WE tv couldn’t have been a better place for me and my family. It feels like a better fit. It feels more real to us. E! really helped launch me and my show, and I’ll never forget where I come from, but looking forward, WE is like a family and they’ve really been supportive of me like I’ve never felt before.

How will Kendra on Top differ from Kendra?
Kendra on Top is more about my life today. It’s a continuation of my story for my followers and for people that have followed me ever since I left the Playboy mansion. I just have a real story. It’s just an all-American girl type story. It’s a little bit out of the norm but it’s still a real story. It’s a story about a girl that grew up, became a wife and a mother and is getting the weight off in front of the cameras. We’re adding more color to our life. It’s like Sex and the City with a lot of my girlfriends, but it’s also about my family. I have a family, I am a business woman, but I still have a social life and a sex life.

It took you two and a half years to get back in shape after Little Hank’s birth. What’s your exercise regimen like?
If I don’t work out. I usually stick to a diet. I usually cut the calories, the fat, the sugar, the sodium, and I really pay attention to the ingredients of what I’m putting into my body when I’m not able to exercise. I eat badly every now and again when I’m exercising, but I do a lot. I do Bikram Yoga; I workout in the gym with the biggest trainers in the NFL. It’s not just sticking with one routine. There are a lot of different routines that I do. If my body get’s used to something I have to move on. It’s about keeping spark in your life. Having spark in your life is new. Your diet, routine, sex life, everything should be new.

During the first episode, you had a pregnancy scare. Are you interested in expanding your family in the future?
Yeah, it’s very important for us to have another child. Right now, we love going out with our friends and shaking our ass. We just show on our show how we can be great parents, but go out and party too at the same time. We’re not ready to quit all of it yet. We’re fun people. We’re young. When it’s time, we’ll know. We’re not ready to do the care-taking thing all over yet. Little Hank is in preschool, he’s growing up, so we just have the time to have to ourselves, our sex lives and social lives to go out. We’re not ready to cut that out yet.

You’ve also openly suffered from postpartum depression. What advice can you offer to mothers who may be going through the same thing?
Postpartum depression is pretty serious. You can cry on your husband, family, and friends, but never, ever look at them as therapist; they’re not trained professionals. You can’t expect the people around you to know what you’re going through; that’s why there’s therapy. I’m a pretty stubborn person, so I never really preached therapy until it really made sense.