Kendrick Lamar Says Debut Album Is ‘Almost There’; Preps For Rock The Bells

VIBE got a chance to sit with TDE captain Kendrick Lamar during his recent performance at Santos Party House. The rapper gaves us his opinion on the Nicki Minaj/Summer Jam drama, what to expect from his Rock The Bells set this year, and the upcoming video for his first single “The Recipe,” featuring Dr. Dre.

Keenan Higgins (@HIGzILLMATIC)

VIBE: So it’s album time right now. We know you’re getting prepared for the debut. How complete is it?
Kendrick Lamar: It’s almost there. I got a few nicks I gotta touch up, but as far as the bases and what I want to get across and what I’m talking about, it’s there.

As far as the music video for the joint you have with Dre, when is that dropping? We saw the pictures and now everybody’s excited for it.
Oh yeah, we had fun man. Beautiful women, beautiful weather—Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul smoking up a storm, stealing all of Dre and Snoop [Dogg’s] weed [Laughs]! It was just a fun video. It’s going through the editing process right now. It’ll probably be out in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

How would you describe a live Kendrick show?
I like to give people a whole experience, from the EP to O.D. to Section.80 to what I’m doing now as far as my show. I never want to lock in on just one particular project. It might be some people out there [in the audience] who don’t know who Kendrick Lamar is, so I want to make them dibble and dabble into a few different sounds.

How did you feel about the Summer Jam drama that happened with Peter Rosenberg, Nicki Minaj and Funkmaster Flex?
I mean, she have all the right reasons to be upset. She made the call, I respect the call, and she did what she had to do. I have really no words for it. That’s between Rosenberg and her, but the show went on and everybody had a good time. Hopefully they can patch that up. Shoutout to both of them.

What do you have in store for your Rock The Bells set this year?
I got a few things [in store], a few records I may want to play. That’s a big event, just like Summer Jam. I’m gonna be prepared.

If you havent heard it already, here’s Kendrick’s Dre-assisted first single, “The Recipe”: