Keri Hilson Talks Working in The Community on CNN

Keri Hilson, along with a 12-year-old student, visited CNN to encourage youth to help out in their communities. The ATL singer explained and Bing’s “Summer of Doing” campaign and urged kids to work in their community. “It’s really just to encourage the youth like herself and myself,” she said in reference to the student. “It’s a program that encourages people to do something. During the summer time is the best time to do something in your community.” Keri herself is set to help renovate Osborne High School in Atlanta today. “In Decatur, we would feed the homeless many, many, many Saturdays. We had to wake up during the ungodly hours and pack their lunches in brown paper bags.” Working in the community, for her, has been rewarding. “It gives your life a purpose and you may not realize that when you’re young, but it really does give you a sense of appreciation, a humbleness that you wouldn’t get if you weren’t being so selfless,” she explained. The 29-year-old also discussed her role in the sequel to the sci-fi film, The Chronicles of Riddick, which also stars Vin Diesel. Watch the full interview below.