Keyshia Dior Explains ‘Survivor Lipstick’ and Ka’Oir Fashion Brand

Since model and entrepreneur Keyshia Dior launched brightly-colored lipsticks, it has received a lot of exposure and is doing beyond “what anyone had expected,” she boasts. Blossoming from just a handful of lipsticks to a full-on cosmetic line, Ka’Oir Cosmetics include “lip pops (which is my form of lip gloss) nail lacquers, shadows and primers.”

With so many great ventures happening for the beauty brand, the 20-something-year-old is looking to extend her creativity into the fashion department with Ka’Oir clothing. “The fans love the way I dress, so I want to start off with jumpsuits and take it from there.”
Partnering with Trina to endorse her brand, Keyshia is now working with another celebrity that she’d like to keep under raps, for now at least.”I have signed another celebrity,” she says. “But I’m not gonna share that just yet! In a few weeks everyone will soon find out”
However, she isn’t just makeup and pretty fabric.
Ka’Oir Cosmetics carries a “Survivor” lipstick, which proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity fund. “It’s sad for these women having to deal with pain and suffering and hair loss. As a woman, hair is our beauty, that’s how we feel good about ourselves, and I want these women to look in the mirror and feel good about themselves by putting on some lipstick and feeling beautiful.”
This summer we’ll be looking forward to two new colors added to Ka’Oir: Lip Lock and Show Off. As she gets ready to head to LA for a few meetings, it sounds like this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Keyshia, and she’s sure of it also.
“If you know me, you know I’m always positive. So I won’t say “if,” I will say “when” all goes well, I’ll let you know.” –Vicki Valery