Lessons From Karrueche: The Major Benefits of Befriending Your Man’s Ex

From @WWMDtv

No one likes to be reminded that once upon a time your lover-to-date was tonguing down, feeling up and nuzzling along a navel not belonging to you. Oh, and loving that woman. Hard. That forever-and-ever-I-love-everything-about-you hard. The thought, if lingered on enough, can definitely chafe your ego and drizzle poison onto your relationship. But the word exgirlfriend shouldn’t be synonymous with “the enemy.” That’ll only put you in attack mode, butch girl.

But it looks like Breezy’s PYT, Karrueche is handling her man’s exfactors well. A couple weeks back she was snapped chillin one-on-one with Chris’ former model bang, Draya Michele and some days later K tweeted “kill em with kindness” after it was rumored that she had CB cop Rihanna a bottle when they happened to be at the same club together. All smart moves to me and so smart that they kindled a list I think every girl can learn from. You may think there’s absolutely no reason to be cool with your dude’s past tryster, but that’s where you’re wrong! Check the benefits of this seemingly bad idea.