Lessons From Karrueche: The Major Benefits of Befriending Your Man’s Ex

Benefit #1: You’ll Feel Much More Comfier With Their Platonic Friendship

Notice how the word platonic wasn’t robed in quotation marks. Taking the time to get to know ‘ol girl (beyond your habit of light Facebook stalking of course), should tame any leftover queasiness you have regarding her agenda. This is about shifting your perspective so that she becomes a person and not a person who smanged your boyfriend. Plusss, playing nice will serve as a sweet and subtle reminder to her that YOU own the lever to this man’s dick. Sorry, ex girl.

Benefit #2: You’ll Score Dope Girl Points From Your Man

And they will be redeemable for wonderful treasures like elongated cunnilingus and such. Not to mention, a heartier grasp of trust. Most men are expecting bouts of awkward silence between a former and a current, so if you manage not to channel Issa Rae at a meet and greet, he’ll never forget it.

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