Mac Miller Talks Pink Slime, Future Projects, and Working With DJ Jazzy Jeff

During his recent visit to the UK, the Rostrum Records recording artist Mac Miller sat down with SoulCulture TV and discussed learning from different cultures as he travels the world, being a workaholic, his single/mixtape/album release strategy, future projects, working alongside legends like DJ Jazzy Jeff and the importance of working with Hip-Hop icons.

“I think it’s nice to just take in different cultures. It’s probably one of the greatest gifts and what I can do as I’m traveling is learn about different cultures,” he says. “Being from Pittsburgh … things are different and you never expect to be able to see places like this.”

“People just plan so much right? Like ‘I’m gonna drop this at three o’clock p.m. because thats when the most people see it.’ [But] to me it’s like you’re either gonna listen or you’re not. So I’ma drop it when I’m ready, and if that’s four in the morning then you’re either up or your not, and you either check or you don’t,” he explains before adding, “I’m strategic, but to an extent. I’m strategic but I don’t like to lose any authenticity.”