Madonna’s Outrageous Tour Demands Revealed

We all had a good laugh at Drake’s dressing room demands but Madonna’s list is way over the top. According to In Touch Weekly, the pop icon has a long list of items (and people) that must be available wherever she performs. Check out this insane tour rider from Madonna’s recent MDNA tour.

What Madonna Demands:

- A 200-person entourage

- Thirty bodyguards

- A team of personal chefs

- A yoga instructor

- An acupuncturist

- A dry cleaner

She expects her dressing room to have 20 international phone lines and be filled with flowers (white and light-pink roses and lillies, stems precisely six inches).

She also needs the room to be draped in special fabric (how special the magazine doesn’t make clear) and wants her hotel rooms to look and feel her home.

“She requires all furniture be removed from the rooms and replaced with her own pieces that she has shipped in,” a source told the magazine.

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