Mimi Faust Talks Relationship with Stevie J, Defends Joseline

After watching the first episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, women have either criticized Mimi Faust–the girlfriend to Stevie J and mother of his child–for allowing her beau to blatantly disrespect her or praised her in the face of, well, his side chick Joseline.

Either way, she became a fan favorite. Quickly.

The Jasmine Brand caught up with the new reality TV star to discuss a few things: why she stayed in a broken relationship for 15 years and her thoughts on the rumors that Joseline is really a man.

On how long she and Stevie have been together and if they were together while he dated rapper/actress Eve:
“We have known each other for 15 years, we have had a born again, off again relationship and I really wanted to clear that up… When Stevie was in other relationships, we absolutely were not together.”

On if they were together when Stevie was with Eve:
“Absolutely not. When he was dealing with Alex we were not together. When he was in any other relationship, we were not together.”

On how long she’s known Joseline existed:
The first time I knew she existed was about two weeks before we started the show. It was all brand new to me, this was the first time I found out about her, her name, and all of that… I was living through it as we were taping.

On if rumors that Joseline was born a man are true:
She’s not a man, she’s absolutely a woman. She was pregnant… She’s a woman.

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