Nas Really Wanted to Execute a Fake Jay-Z Lynching

Back in 2002, Jay-Z and Nas were going head-to-head in one of the most heated battles in hip-hop history. The enemies-turned-friends left few things off the table. Baby mothers, the deceased, street rumors were just several of the very personal bases that were brought up in this war. Things turned even uglier when Nas wanted to execute a mock lynching at Hot 97’s Summer jam ’02. The New York City radio station refused his request and Esco ran over to Power 105 to air our his issues with the station. Over the years, little was known about what the Queenbridge MC really had up his sleeve. Well, until now. Video footage of Nas’ fake Jay-Z doll has surfaced. Check out this ultra rare clip of a company actually going over the steps it took to create the “Jay-Z dummy.”

Crazy, right?!

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