Vixen Chat: Natalie Nunn Goes From ‘Bad Girl’ to ‘Bridezilla’

VIBE VIXEN: What can viewers expect from your episode on Bridezillas?
NATALIE NUNN: I’m turning it up a little bit on Bridezillas. I’m a diva, so I want things my way. I have a sexy, handsome, charming, loving husband, and the wedding has to be perfect. So that’s what honestly people can expect to see from my few episode besides the fact that I have crazy, diva bridesmaids. I have some celebrities, so there’s some drama there.

You mention your bridesmaids being divas. How was Meagan behaving?
Meagan’s a good girl, of course. She’s not a bridesmaid. She was just at my wedding because my wedding was really small. I only had 50 or 60 people, which was all close family, Jacob’s family and friends. This wasn’t a publicity stunt. I didn’t want my pictures everywhere. I wanted to be in control. I wanted my real friends, who I’ve grown up with, there; that’s it. I’ve known Meagan for nine years. I’ve always supported anything that she does. I was around with she was shooting Roll Bounce. I was on set when Meagan was filming Waist Deep with Tyrese. We’ve always been good friends, and I’ll leave it at that. I was only expecting her to come and support me on my big day and that’s what she did. That’s what mattered the most to me.

Will you be at Meagan’s wedding?
[Laughs] Everyone keeps asking me that. Jacob and I have a lot going on with his football and projects that we’re working on, so I don’t know if I’ll be there. But, I do know she’s getting married next month. Hopefully, I can make hers like she was able to make mine.

From 1-10, how bitchy were you on the show?
I was actually sweet! I was very sweet, but when things weren’t going my way, I was probably a 10 [laughs]. My whole family is Christian, my father’s a deacon, so I tried to be the righteous, Christian girl that I am, but that “Bad Girl Bridezilla” in me always comes out. You get to see me really nice and you get to see me being a bitch.

Why did you decide to do the show?
When Jacob and I went to Jamaica and he proposed to me, [my fans] knew. I feel like we have a connection, and maybe that’s the connection that happens after being on TV for three years. They were like, ‘If you don’t film it, then we don’t get to see it, and we don’t get to be there.’ They were going to be really hurt, so I ultimately did [the show] because I know the 300,000 followers on Twitter, hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook, the millions that have watched me on Bad Girls Club, Love Game, Hair Battle Spectacular, and all these shows, if they didn’t get to see it, they would have lost that connection with the next thing we’re doing. It would have been a big scare. People would have been like, ‘She’s married now? What?’ I did it for them. I did it for everyone that wants to love to hate me. It doesn’t matter who is watching. The numbers are there, and they want to see it. We were going to get married with or without the cameras so it didn’t matter. I just wanted them to see it.