Vixen Chat: Natalie Nunn Goes From ‘Bad Girl’ to ‘Bridezilla’

VV: People have been saying the marriage is fake. Do you have any thoughts on that?
NN: This is where it was hard for to, honestly, do my wedding on TV and bring Jacob into this limelight. I’m going to be very resentful when somebody says my wedding is fake. I had a couple of friends who were upset about not being in my wedding, which were a couple of the other “Bad Girls” who thought they were close enough to be in my wedding and they weren’t. They’ve been saying my wedding is fake and because of that, I’ve cut a lot of people out of my life. Jacob and I have been dating for a year, and there’s nothing fake about it. There are other relationships out there that I can, hands down, say is fake, but I keep mine two cents because who’s to say what’s real and what’s fake. We decided to do Bridezillas because my fans on both Twitter and Facebook knew who Jacob was. He was always in pictures. He was in one picture with me and my family at Christmas that ended up hitting the web. They knew who he was, but it was never out there. So, when we decided to do Bridezillas, we sat down and we were like, Are we really going to do this? This is opening a can of worms for people for everyone’s opinion.

How did you meet Jacob?
I met Jacob in Detroit. I had an appearance, and one of his boys was the promoter at the club I was having my appearance at. He was there with his boys and the promoter. From that night, I was like, “Oh my God, I’m in love with this guy [laughs]. I’m kidnapping him.” A month to two months later, he came to L.A. to visit. He was only coming to hang out and he never went back since; that was last year. We had all his stuff shipped, and he’s just been on the road with me, all over.

What was the most exciting part about the wedding process?
Trying on my dress and bring our families together. We had a big family dinner, which you guys will get to see. It was really awesome. You get to see the chemistry of the Midwest meeting the Bay Area for the first time. Everyone’s going to see me meeting Jacob’s family for the first time on TV. He had been in L.A. in California for a while, so my family already knew him. [Viewers] get to see it from their perspective and what they thought of me.

You expressed the possibility of Bridezillas opening the door for other opportunities. Are you and Jacob interested in doing a ‘married life’ reality show?
Absolutely! Jacob and I discussed that possibility. We’re going to move forward. I think it’s important for people to know who I am, and get to see a ‘Bad Girl’ that’s now married. That’s never been done before. There’s so much going on, with my shoots being half naked in Smooth magazine and this week I’m shooting for King Magazine. My husband was asking me, ‘Are you going to be wearing a wedding ring at this shoot? I want your wedding ring to be in those pictures.’ It’s like, ‘Honey, I’m shooting for King Magazine. It’s a men’s magazine. They’re not going to be happy that I’m married and then there’s my wedding ring.’ There are a lot of things that’s going on that I think people need to see. That people want to see. Is Natalie going to take her wedding ring off or leave it on? It’s just real things like that. We’ve got some things coming. I’ll say that much.