NBC News Error May Help Sandusky with Appeal

Sandusky was convicted on Friday (June 22) of 45 counts of child endangerment and is expected to be receive no less than 400 years in prison.

However, Joe Amendola, Sandusky’s attorney, believes a critical reporting error by NBC will play a good in his appeal. Jerry Sandusky’s lawyers used an inaccurate version of a NBC News interview with the convicted felon when they tried to get a mistrial before the former football coach was convicted for child abuse.

Due to a subpoena, NBC News turned over three versions of Bob Costas’ News interview with the former coach of Penn State, that aired last November on different NBC shows. One version that was featured on the ‘Today’ show contained a technical glitch that reiterated key questions and answers about Sandusky and his sexual attraction to young boys. It just so happened that out of the three versions that NBC turned over, the prosecutors played the version with the error in it by “mistake.”

After it was played in court, NBC News executives did some internal investigation in which they discovered the glitch came from the ‘Today’ show. The news executives cleared it up with the judge who later provided the jury with an accurate transcript of the exchange, which allowed the mistrial request to be denied and the trial to proceed.

Amendola believes the error made by prosecutors will be grounds enough for an appeal before Sandusky, who is 68, is sentenced.