New Music Review: Brother Ali, Kitty Pryde, Bronson x Alchemist & More

The Alchemist (Feat. Action Bronson)“Decisions Over Veal Orloff”
It wouldn’t be a Bronson track without an elegant food reference. Another one off Alchemist’s Russian Roulette, Bronson keeps it short and sweet, referencing Jim The Anvil before diving into the textured imagery that makes his raps sound like street poems. Alchemist does his thing, laying down subtle organs and triumphant horns over some hazy drums and a melodic bass.
Props: Hip-Hop DX

Kitty Pryde (Feat. Riff Raff) “Orion’s Belt” (Prod. by Beautiful Lou)
Alas, the white female rappers are not going anywhere. Kreayshawn-derivative Kitty Pryde has been making noise with a Danny Brown co-sign, a recent show in New York City, and a slew of songs produced by A$AP-affiliate Beautiful Lou. But her personality seems to be more attractive than her skill set, coming off as an awkward newby that allows her to be relatable and genuinely humorous. Riff Raff steals the show once more, spitting in his stumbling speed without much on-beat accuracy but compensating with sheer entertainment and child-like honesty (“When it comes to hateful words, I got skin like a rhinoceros”).

Wordsworth (Feat. Punchline and Masta Ace) “Vanish”
Touching on the subject of ubiquitous impermanence in the music industry, three underground legends collide for a dope track to warn of how quickly things can change in life. Wordsworth holds it down with a technically precise but generally unremarkable verse, while Masta Ace flexes his proficient flow with a tempered, attention-grabbing delivery. Punch finishes it off strong, sounding jaded but wise over a soulful Mary McCreary sample flip by Apollo Brown.

Brother Ali “Stop The Press” (Prod. by Jake Uno)
The underground Albino best known for his bare honesty and daunting sociopolitical messages is back upon the always-groovy Jake Uno beats that are hard not to like. The beat is creative, as Brother Ali laments about discouraging obstacles in his life, and it feels like it should be a triumphant recounting of the MC’s history so far, but it sounds more like a depressing list of life’s ugly trials before his last couple optimistic bars at the end.

Donnis “Hello Kitty”
Donnis chooses to immediately annoy you with the hook of “Hello Kitty,” repeating the song’s title before boasting of his misogynist dealings with women and his ability to persuade these women to do favors for his friends. Half-joking ad-libs of “You’re a pervert!” mingle as Donnis poses the age-old question, “Wassup with that pussy?” over a beat best suited to be heard on club speakers (and alcohol).

Meyhem Lauren (Feat. Heems (of Das Racist) and Action Bronson) “Special Effects”
This isn’t exactly new, but cot DAMN this is cold! Harry Fraud on the beat, Heems does his quirky/dope routine with nonsensical rhymes before Meyhem hits hard and Bronson breathes effortlessly on the haunting backdrop (the vocal sample is stuck in my head). People need to hear this. Off Meyhem Lauren’s Respect The Fly Shit mixtape coming soon.

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