NEW SEXY: The 30 Hottest Celebrities Under 30


Eye candy is everywhere. You can flip the tube, magazines or blog pages and find hot shots of usual suspects like Chris Brown, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland or Trey Songz. Or you can salivate over veteran sexpots like Morris Chestnut, Denzel and Meagan Good (tuck your tongue in). But just as JT bragged about “bringing sexy back,” there’s always a new brood of drool-inducing stars taking sexy forward. Though all the celebrities on our list are indeed easy on the peepers, it’s not just about outward beauty. Sexy can be pretty and gifted or funny and brainy. Here, VIBE crowns 30 new sex symbols—under age 30 and across different fields—keeping us all hot like fire.

Compiled by Jazmine Henley-Brown, Keenan Higgins, Taryn Edmondson, Clover Hope, Ashley Jeter, Niki McGloster, Adelle Platon, Iyana Robertson