Vixen Chat: Nicole Murphy Talks ‘Hollywood Exes’ and Style Essentials

VIBE Vixen: Tell me a little bit about the show, what can we expect?
We had always been there with our exes, but you never really got to know us as who we are and what we want to do in our life. It’s basically us doing our thing now and living our lives and dreams and we are all there to support each other and help each other out. You’ll see friendship, a lot of laughter and funny things happening, then of course, there’s real life drama and real life issues that we all have.

So, it will be totally different from Basketball Wives?
Yeah, [laughs]. Shaunie [O’Neal] is my girl and I watch the show and support it, but I just can’t see myself fighting, I’m just too old to be fighting [laughs]. I have children and I got to be a mom. I don’t want my children looking at me fighting.

Were you friends with all the cast members prior to the show, or did they just kind of throw all of you together?
Actually, I’ve known Sheree Fletcher for about 19 years. Because of our kids, we’d have the birthday parties and we’d see each other. It would be a casual “hey girl,” but we never really hung out until recently which is great. I’m mad I missed it all those other years. Now I’m really getting to know this woman and she’s incredible. I’ve known Jessica [Canseco] for maybe about 10 years. We met at the gym and we’d always work out, and her and I are like glued to the hip; that’s my buddy. Mayte [Garcia], I met her years ago when she was married to Prince but just really getting to know her now. She’s amazing and has a wonderful spirit about her. Andrea [Kelly], I’ve known for about 2-3 years. She’s an incredible woman and her body’s banging!

Your body is too! What’s your workout routine like?
I workout with this trainer named Jason Estrada. He has his own gym and he trains me, then I switch it up sometimes. I’ll do the Santa Monica stairs, or Runyon Canyon or go down to the beach and roller blade or ride bikes. I’m always doing something active. My favorite thing is to do my work outside if I can, I really enjoy it.