Vixen Chat: Nicole Murphy Talks ‘Hollywood Exes’ and Style Essentials

VV: How is your daughter Bria doing with the Dark and Lovely campaign?
She’s doing great! She’s actually doing a lot of auditioning for movies, so we are just hoping one of them pops up and comes through.

What advice do you give her daily when dealing with this industry?
I always told her you got to have tough skin to be in this business, because you’ll go on auditions and they’ll just look at you like you don’t work. I was like, You can’t let the rejection ever put you down or make you feel like you can’t do this. She’s actually doing good. I’m proud of her.

Do you have any advice for Deion and Pilar Sanders and people who go through divorces in the public eye?
Divorce is sad period. People react on their emotions. I don’t know what the whole situation is with them, but hopefully, they can take a step back and look at the good in each other, because something brought them together. They have children, and I think it’s important to be friends and work out something so that they can at least show the children that mommy and daddy are cool. No matter what, they’re still going to be a family. They may not be together anymore, but it’s important to be cool for the kids.

Lastly, what are three style essentials that you can’t leave home without?
My lip gloss that’s like a pen with a brush on it, my cell phone and a night recovery oil from Kiehl’s (Midnight Recovery Concentrate) that I love. It makes my skin feel really moist because I have dry skin. Another thing that I like to do it’s called Tazorac. You get it from a dermatologist and you put it on your skin before you wash your face. Put it on for, maybe, one minute and it takes all the dead skin off your face and it evens out any discoloration. If you do it for like a week straight your skin will just look flawless. All the brown spots will be gone and all even toned.