Nigel Sylvester Takes On D.R. With G-Shock

VIBE says:
Nigel Sylvester is the future. His street style of BMX riding is the visual expression of hip-hop movement. Look at the intricate trick moves that he pulls off and understand the difficulty and skill set it takes to make that happen. In this clip we find the young bull riding through the hoods of the Dominican Republic. The music setting the tone is “XX” by new kid Travi$ Scott. Hear him at

Nigel says:
That trip took place early spring of 2012. The experience was incredible, that trip was my third time back in about a year and a half. It’s just one of those places you go and it almost feels like home. The people are warm, amazing foods and some of the best riding spots I’ve ever ridden. G-Shock is a staple brand in culture. It’s a brand I grew up embracing as a child and now to be one of a few professional sponsored athletes on their elite roster, I feel honored and it motivates me to consistently up my game.

G-Shock says:
The Dominican Republic sounds like one of the most unlikely places you would think to travel to for a BMX trip, but Nigel Sylvester and G-Shock prove it to be a undiscovered gem in their first visual release of 2012. Between all the hustle and bustle, crowded city streets, DR offers incredible riding spots and energy which Nigel uses as fuel to handle his bike in a form and fashion that only he knows how to.

And check the bonus clip of Pharrell showing Nigel love on his new project I Am Other: