Freaky Orange Lobsters Caught In Maine

They’ve found blue lobsters, but now orange creatures have been captured in Massachusetts. Six of them have been found near the Magdalen Islands.

Ocean Seafood and Restaurant in Mansfield says it’s a 1 in 10 million find. Owner Bill Sarro plans to put them on display at each of his 5 restaurants.

There were 5 of these found in Mansfield and another found in the Fresh Catch North Attleboro location for a total of 6.

“We’ve seen blue lobsters, but we’ve never carrot-colored lobsters came through the doors,” Sarro told reporters. “No, we’re not selling them; we’re a small family business. Keep everything together. They’re alive and doing well!”

The orange color seems to be a genetic mutation but they won’t be eaten. Scientists agree that the orange crustaceans are an extremely rare find. Yellow lobster and albino lobsters have also been caught in the wild.

Check out video footage of these creepy crawlers.