Passport, Please! Why You Need to Get One Now

Any time we’re able to discover new territories (and new men), it is cause for celebration. Whether we’re just hopping on a train to the next city or taking a 16-hour flight to a new country, the experience of visiting somewhere new is extremely exciting, and therapeutic.

While most of us may not be able to splurge on a 3-country tour like our girl Julia Roberts did in Eat, Pray, Love, we may be able to pull off one trek to a foreign paradise, just don’t forget the most important necessity. No, not your push up bra–Your passport!

This little navy blue booklet filled with quotes from famous pioneers is your ticket out of the beautiful U.S of A. It gives you clearance to go explore new lands, so if you want a summer full of romance in Paris, adventures in Aruba or tasting the cuisine somewhere in Italy, having your passport allows you to pack up and ship out.

Don’t have any plans to travel abroad this summer? We still advise you to make sure you have it. You never know, you might run into prince charming and be asked to spend a fun weekend dancing in the colorful streets of Barcelona.

Go down to your local post or county clerks office, and apply today! Not sure how to get there? Visit to find out where you can obtain your pass to summertime freedom. –Jazmine Henley-Brown

Where’s the first destination on your list?