Promoter Offers Chris Brown & Drake $1 Million To Hop In Boxing Ring

Following the now-infamous W.i.P. brawl, Chris Brown & Drake just got an offer of a lifetime: settle their differences by boxing it out in the ring for a couple of rounds—and a million dollars.

According to CNN, celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman is willing to shell up $1 million to both entertainers to get in the ring for three minute-long rounds, wearing oversized gloves and protective head gear.

With addition to wanting Rihanna as a ring girl (but also acknowledging that she’ll never agree to that), Feldman also says he’ll donate $1 million to a charity that helps abused women if the fight takes place.

We’d pay big bucks to see this go down. Tell us what you think: Should #TeamBreezy vs. #TeamDrizzy go down?

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