Raekwon, GZA Will Not Appear in ODB Biopic


As the ODB biopic, Dirty White Boy, continues to come to life, the producers’ hopes to cast members of the Wu-Tang clan are quickly going down the toilet.

According to Pitchfork, in a statement from GZA’s representatives, the rapper does not have any plans to appear in the biopic.

“Spoke to GZA today,” said the representative. “I will tell you 100% he is not appearing in the ODB / Jarred Weisfeld movie. I can’t speak for the rest of the group, but definitely not true about GZA.”

On Monday (June 4), Raekwon followed suit and decided not to appear in the film as well.

Michael K. Williams, who will be playing OBD, told New York Daily news the producers do not wish to cast any actors as the members of the Wu-Tang Clan would like the members to become involved with the project.

While two members of the historic hip-hop crew have decided not to be a part of the film, other members have yet to step up.

Williams however is excited to play Ason, and has been doing research to prepare for the role.

“I am doing a lot of research on Russell,” he said to MTV News in an interview. “I had the pleasure of meeting his beautiful mother, Ms. Cherry. We sat down for, like, three hours, and she told me the most amazing stuff about her son and a lot of things that the public didn’t know. I’ve been talking to people who know him well … people who knew him when the cameras wasn’t rolling. I’ve got a lot of insight into who he was as a human being and as a man and, dare I say it, scholar.”

Dirty White Boy focuses on ODB’s relationship with manager Jarred Weisfeld, a 22 year-old VH1 employee in the 2000’s and will be directed by Joaquín Baca-Asay.