Reader Response! @KINGBeysus Blasts The Beyonce & KIm “Wife Material” Debate


Reader Response!

VIBE Twitter follower and #TeamBeyonce loyalist @KINGBeysus shoots back his thoughts on our Beyonce & Kim: The Kind Of Girls You Marry post . The op-ed piece, first seen on by writer @Jasfly, has the blog world on tilt. @KINGBeysus addressed his dislike of the topic to us by Tweeting, “Vibe, get your s#it together.” So we did and asked him to take the mic and say what he has to say and now…the floor his is:

Ok, let’s start off with the first sentence in your article, “Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have a lot in common.” I would like to simply state the differences between Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Beyonce rose to fame based on hard work. Kim Kardshian rose to fame based on sucking a hard…you know what. Beyonce is famous for her talent. Kim Kardashian is famous for her notoriety.

You mentioned one similarity between Kim and Beyonce that makes them wife material is that they both built an empire, but the difference is Beyonce worked to build that empire. She didn’t have to use her 15 minutes of fame to build it. That is real drive. That is real hard work! Beyonce is not on magazines posing naked for publicity. Kim Kardashian is and has done that. Everything she does seems contrived and done only to continue her 15 minutes. She doesn’t have any real talent or skill to back up her empire. She herself has also admitted to not having any talent during her interview with Barbara Walters. The example given of Kim and Beyonce both having drive and having successful business ventures are true, but is that what defines a woman as being wife material? Even if they lack respect? Integrity? Trust? Class?

Why would any man want to marry a woman who has a sex tape, two failed marriages, (one which only lasted 72 days) and also, a woman who would later go on and start a relationship with a new man only a few months after she filed for divorce? This is the same woman who is prancing around, proudly, with a new man, meanwhile… she’s not even legally divorced yet from the man who she was so “madly” in love with only a few months ago?

You said you interviewed guys who told you what “wife material is”. I’m wondering, did you ask them does “wife material” include a woman who has slept with various men and has been public about it? Is that someone they would want to bring home to their mother? Even more, marry? Do these same men think that a woman having respect for herself falls under “wife material”? What kind of woman has respect for herself if she continues to do the same tactless antics that Kim Kardashian has done over and over again?

Kim has admitted to talking to Kanye while she and he were in relationships with other people. She said this on Oprah. What kind of man would want to marry a woman he can’t even trust? Was trust one of the things those men included on their list of women who are marriage material? A woman that is faithful to her man? This is the same woman who openly admitted to being selfish and only thinking about herself. What man would want to marry someone like that? How will he fit into that equation?

This whole thing isn’t a debate on whether or not Kim and Beyonce are similar though. Sure, they both are “celebrities”. They both have a lot of money. But in the eyes of a lot of people around the world, we can see one of those women have class and respect and one of them does not. I’m sure many men would prefer to marry the woman with class and respect over the woman who seems to have no sense of what self-respect is.

You also spoke about Beyonce being loyal to her man and noted how Kim is invested in Kanye (at the moment). Kim Kardashian has also been invested in music producer Damon Thomas, R&B singer Ray J, NFL player Reggie Bush, NBA player Kris Humphries, and now, rapper Kanye West. It’s obvious that Kim is not very good with investments when it comes to her love life. Where as, Beyonce has only been known publicly to have dated ONE man and been FAITHFUL to her man. That’s the difference.

I’m not saying women who have a past are not marriage material; I’m basing this solely off of the qualities Kim Kardashian has shown us when it comes to her relationships. Those qualities are things that couldn’t make ANY marriage work. If I were going to look at someone who is marriage material, I definitely would look for the qualities that Beyonce has, NOT the qualities Kim Kardashian has shown.

In closing, I’ll leave you with this.

The traditional marriage vows read: “I take you to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife, my constant friend, my FAITHFUL partner, and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your FAITHFUL partner, in sickness and in health, IN GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you UNCONDITIONALLY. To support your goals, to honor and respectful you, to laugh and with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both live.”

Take a second to process those vows and tell me, has Kim made those commitments in her previous marriages? Are those qualities that Kim Kardashian has shown to inhabit? And then you answer me this, is Kim Kardashian REALLY someone who is marriage material?