Reality Shows We Could Have Done Without

Reality shows burst onto the scene nearly twenty years ago, changing our television lives as we know it. These shows, mainly on cable networks have turned ordinary people into extraordinary people, and made already known people seem normal. Yes, they are a blessing and a curse, but there are a few we could have done without.

1. Being Bobby Brown

Ok, most of us did get a chuckle at Bobby and Whitney’s expense, but looking back on it now there were so many red flags that were ignored. There was the obvious drug use, Bobbi Kristina being more grown than her parents and the woman the world knew as “The Voice” looking scattered and confused while the cameras were rolling. It was a sad reality that we wished never happened.

2. Flavor of Love
It’s hard to believe that’s been six years since we were first introduced to Flavor of Love. For three seasons we watched a variety of women fight, slap and even spit on each other to gain the attention of Flavor Flav. We’re still cringing.

3. I Love New York

As if bearing Flavor of Love wasn’t enough, former cast member Tiffany Pollard became an overnight sensation and even got a few seasons of her own show. We’re still trying to figure out why?

4. Luke: Parental Advisory
The irony of the leader of the 2 Live Crew giving parenting advice was too much for us to even handle.

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