Reebok Back! Would You Rock ‘The Princess’ Sneakers?

An iconic ‘80s fashion staple, the Reebok Princess is a simplified athletic/casual sneaker which first debuted in 1984. Similar to its older counterpart, the Freestyle, the Princess was mainly available in white or black leather and typically worn as a comfortable shoe by waitresses, cashiers and other such professionals.

Now, the once-popular shoe is making a comeback!

With fresh, new eye-catching colors, the revamp combines the comfort of an aerobic sneaker while carrying a style driven look. Bright colors are on-trend this summer, so what better way to make your outfit pop than with bright sneaks! For a statement look, opt for a color block clash or team your kicks with denim and a white tee for that “subtle but cool” style.

This is the perfect way to inject some summer into your wardrobe!–Vicki Valery

Vixens, would you rock these Classics?

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