Rihanna Accused of Using Body Double in Armani Ad

The Sun is stirring up even more controversy with Little Miss Sunshine, this time accusing the singer of using a body double.

The tabloid alleges Rihanna used model Janassa Aicken’s body in an Armani ad released earlier this year. The steamy one-minute clip shows the scantily clad singer tossing and turning in her bed before putting on a pair of the brand name jeans.

“Jahnassa’s torso, body and bum appear in parts of the ad,” mentions a source. “It’s shocking Rihanna wanted one, considering she loves posing with no clothes– plus she’s in great shape.”

While The Sun reports Aicken received a “modest sum” for her work, the Advertising Standards Authority says it will look further into the issue if the story proves to be true.

“If we have complaints consumers have been misled by the use of a body double, we will investigate,” said a spokesman in a statement.

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