Rock The Mic! 10 Photos of Meek Mill Spitting Rhymes

There’s a reason Rick Ross signed Meek Mill to his Maybach Music Group record label last year: The guy can flat-out rap. That’s not to say that some of the other artists on MMG can’t rap and rap well—what up, Wale?—but when it comes time to get in the booth and put his heart and soul into a verse, Meek Mill is second to none. It’s one of the reasons that we think he’s definitely going to live up to the hype when his debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, drops in August.

Meek’s passion comes through in his music. But, it also comes through in the photos of him rapping, too. To show you what we mean, we put together a photo gallery of 10 Photos of Meek Mill Spitting Rhymes. Check out how the Philadelphia MC rocks the mic.