Romeo Miller Talks ‘Madea’s Witness Protection,’ Kissing Denise Vasi and Celebrity Crushes

VIBE VIXEN: Tell me a little about your role as Jake in Madea’s Witness Protection.
I think it is just going to open up a lot of people’s eyes. I’ve been acting since I was 12 years old, [but] with this role I was able to expand my acting ability. This role kind of reminded me of Will Smith’s character from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, because he was able to make you laugh, but he was able to make you cry at the same time. A lot of people don’t really get the opportunity to get a character to do that. The character in the movie is hilarious but he’s heartfelt at the same time, and I just kind of take it to another level. I’d have to say this was my favorite character to play yet.

How did you prepare for the role?
I watched a lot of Fresh Prince of Bel Air episodes. This character goes from A to Z, like the things he says in this movie you’re going to be like, What the hell is he saying [laughs]? He’s going to make you laugh and want to cry at this heartfelt moment.

What is your ideal acting role?
My ideal role probably would be something kind of like a Bad Boys with Will and Martin Lawrence or something like a romantic comedy. I would do something like Troy with Brad Pitt where I go back into Greek days or even like a Notebook type of movie. I want to do a little bit of everything. I write movies and produce as well. Actually I’m writing this movie called Dream, and it’s this romantic love story that takes place in this post-Apocalypse time. It’s very magical, and it takes you to this place that’s very heartfelt.