Romeo Miller Talks ‘Madea’s Witness Protection,’ Kissing Denise Vasi and Celebrity Crushes

Do you realize that you are a sex symbol?
I don’t personally look at myself as a sex symbol, but I guess it kind of hits you when these women that you look up to as a child and are kind of hitting you up like, ‘You have an amazing body.’ That’s when it hits me. I recently saw Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna, and they were just staring at me like, wow, ‘You definitely grew up.’

With the recent films and upcoming shows that you have been in, you’ve had been around some pretty sexy women as co-stars. How do you feel about having a gorgeous leading lady as a love interest when acting? Has it ever intimidated you?
Being named Romeo I don’t mind; it makes everything a bit sweeter [laughs]. I definitely can’t complain, I just filmed Single Ladies and my leading lady was Denise Vasi, and she’s beautiful. If I picked a girl out of my head, it would probably be her. For the first scene we had a kissing scene and everybody was like, Dang are you nervous, man? And I’m like, ‘I’m not too nervous. I’m actually a little bit excited.’ It definitely makes everything a lot more interesting. She’s a cool girl and that role was a lot of fun to play and I think my fans are really going to enjoy it.

Being that you’re an artist that’s been in the game since you were so young, how do you determine if a female is really into you or if they have ulterior motives?
I kind of have like a sixth sense of it. You got to have good intuition; it’s that simple. You don’t really know though, that’s why you got to gain trust. Give your trust to whoever you’re with and if it works, it works. If it don’t, it don’t. That’s the thing about life: you kind of have to just read the book sometimes and find out along the way.

What are three qualities that make a woman sexy to you?
First, you have to have good breath. You have to have sexy breath. That’s my biggest turnoff, when somebody has bad breath and they are all in my face. You gotta have good breath; take care of that. I love smart girls. I definitely love an educated woman, independent, the kind of woman who can take care of herself and doesn’t really have to depend on men. I love a girl who keeps her nails and toes done. I like a nice body; I think it’s sexy. I think you just have to highlight what makes you beautiful.

Do you have any celebrity crushes or ladies that you think are really killing the game right now?
I like Chanel Iman, the Victoria Secret model. She’s doing her thing and she’s so young. I’ve seen some interviews on her and she’s talented, but she has a good head on her shoulders. Rihanna is doing her thing right now; she’s everywhere. She’s [at] 20 places at one time, and I definitely take my hat off to her for just maintaining an amazing career and staying humble. She’s a very humble girl. Katy Perry has also definitely come a long way. I first met her when I was 16, and she’s very passionate. I’m very happy for her career right now. Also, I like Sophia Vergara. I think I’m in love with her [laughs]. I feel like I could talk to her and have fun and say a stupid joke and she’ll laugh at it. I’m really mature for my age, so I think if she can handle a younger guy… [laughs].

I like what Elle Varner is doing right now. She’s so soulful and modern at the same time. I love her hair too. Since I’ve been a baby I’d say Jennifer Love Hewitt, she has curves. People are always saying she’s too thick and stuff, but she’s perfect the way she is. Tika Sumpter is another one. She’s beautiful. I saw her in a couple of movies and she’s in the upcoming movie Sparkle with Jordin Sparks. She’s really talented and perfection.