What Would You Sacrifice For Love?

Team Nothing

Jehan Yasmin (@thegirl_in_pink) — “Nope, Love is about compromise, not sacrifice.”

Summer. (@Khuthii) — “Nothing I can think of. Love ends.”

IamHer & SheIsMe (@AliyahCherrisse) — “Nothing! Love isnt sacrificing but its excepting “flaws & all!”

krystle Shannon (@callmekrystle) — “Not a damn thing! if that’s the case i don’t want that kind of love. now if you said compromise, we could have a discussion.”

kekesays (@keke_says) —  “Absolutely nothing real love wouldnt require me to do so”

Reesh (@reesh_ran87) — “Zip zero…nothing!”

Mizz Patrick (@XcitedChica) — “Absolutely nothing!”