Vixen Chat: Sheree Fletcher Talks ‘Hollywood Exes,’ Encouraging Women and Whoop Ash

holds many titles. Not only is she a mother, but also a business woman and wife to former NFL player and current Sr. Pastor of San Diego’s City of Hope International Church, Terrell Fletcher. Though prominently recognized in entertainment for her previous marriage (1992-1995) to rapper-turned-actor Will Smith, Sheree is more, much more.

All will become evident in VH1’s new reality show Hollywood Exes, which premieres this summer with 10 one-hour episodes. Vixen caught up with Sheree–pronunciation of the name not to be confused with that of Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Sheree Whitfield–to get the scoop on the highly anticipated show.

Amidst taping, the new reality star shared with us her reasons for joining the show, details about her second marriage and a look into her booming business ventures.  –Aliya Faust