Vixen Chat: Sheree Fletcher Talks ‘Hollywood Exes,’ Encouraging Women and Whoop Ash

VIBE VIXEN: Can you tell me a bit about how you teamed with VH1 to do the show? Did they reach out to you, or did you and the other wives get together yourselves?



SHEREE FLETCHER: No, the actual creators of the show, before we had the deal with VH1, reached out to me. Then, we got together with the other ladies and we just kind of pitched, and they made the deal with VH1.

What were your reasons for joining?
It looked like it would be a lot of fun. It was reality but it was a “different color of the rainbow.” They wanted to show women in a more positive light and women coming together and being supportive and encouraging one another, a kind of a sorority type of thing. So that kind of piqued my interest. As a business women, I thought it’d be great in terms of exposure of my brand.



Are you bothered at all by being labeled an ex?
I am an ex. So no, that doesn’t bother me.

Do you sympathize with other exes in the public like Kim Kardashian, as far as having the stigma of an ex?
Sure. I can relate to that and I do have compassion. Anytime you go through a divorce, it’s painful. It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been married. It’s painful. Any time you break up in the public eye, there’s so much scrutiny involved. People come into their own set of conclusions without knowing the full story and they have an opinion. But that’s kind of the nature of the beat. When you’re in the public eye you have an up side and you have a down side. That’s part of the down side and sort of comes with the territory.

How do you feel about Will and Jada’s relationship? Will that appear on the show?
I think they have an amazing relationship. Will and Jada won’t be making any appearances on the show. And

Will we see your son?
He will make an appearance, [but] he’s not going to be a regular. You’ll probably just see him once in the whole season.



I understand you were remarried. It’s been a while, but congrats! How does your husband feel about you joining the show?
He was skeptical at first because of the nature of reality, as was I, but he’s great. You’ll see him in the show. He makes quite a few appearances with me. He’s super supportive and totally on board.



Did you have to get Will’s approval?
Absolutely, because he is an ex. I didn’t need Will’s permission to do the show; there was nothing that I needed to sign in order to do the show. You know, our son is 19 [years old], so out of respect, of course I told him that this was what I was considering doing. I actually told him when I signed. When I said, ‘Look, this is what I’m going to do,’ he gave me his blessing to have a good time.

That’s really good. So you guys have a good relationship?
We really do.