Stan Down: The Attack on Beyonce Knowles

Stans are ruining music for the rest of us.

There’s a growing phenomenon taking place, which as it continues, claims more casualties. Last week, the latest casualty, hit home.

dream hampton is a legend in her own right. hampton helped shape hip-hop culture by sitting at the pulse of some of its most defining moments, then relaying the tale to the rest of us. dream was the first female editor at The Source, penned stories for VIBE, Spin, Ebony and Essence while producing documentaries, directing short films and music videos, championing women and minority causes all while raising her daughter.

Recently dream was hailed for her work on Decoded, the New York Times bestseller she co-authored with longtime friend and collaborator, Jay-Z.

After years of friendship, the trouble began when dream discovered that a photograph of her 15-year-old daughter with Beyonce had been taken–sans permission–from her locked Facebook page and posted onto a Beyonce fan site with a derogatory caption about the young girl. dream did what any mother would do: tracked down the owner of the site and demanded its removal.

However, upon making contact, hampton was hit with a barrage of insults not just directed at her daughter but at her as well.

hampton relayed all of this directly to a mortified Beyonce, who in response–with hampton’s permission–re-posted the photo to her own Tumblr, confirming that this wasn’t a random girl, but in fact someone important to her life.

That didn’t stop the hate, or the attack on the teenage girl. So dream left. After explaining the situation, dream deleted her twitter and Facebook last week, vowing never to return.