Teacher Had Students Self Mutilate In Crazy Demonic Ritual

First we dealt with “bath salt” craziness, and now we have to worry about demonic rituals—in schools!

According to Tampa Bay Online, Police are saying 35-year-old Danielle Harkins—a teacher in St. Petersburg—got two former students of hers to cut themselves in a weird ritual ceremony. She convinced them that they had evil spirits in their bodies, and the only way to get them out was to literally cut it out.

Sergeant Mike Puetz of the St. Petersburg Police Department confirmed that report by stating, “Apparently, there was some sort of ritual taking place where she was directing teenagers to cut themselves to release demons from their bodies, and at some point [she would cauterize] the wound by using a heated key or applying fire to the skin to close the wound to keep the evil spirits from getting back.”

Fortunately, Harkins was arrested after one of her former students told his father what happened Saturday. She is being charged with aggravated battery and child abuse and was being held at the Pinellas County Jail on $55,000 bail.

This is crazy! What do you guys think about this bizarre story?